With the amount and depth of information you can find on the Internet these days, it can be tempting to try to do some general maintenance and repair on your own vehicle. Who doesn’t love to save time and money, right? Unfortunately, these self-repairs often result in more money and time being spent than if you had brought it to the shop in the first place. We’ve seen it happen countless times. Here’s why:

Led Down the Wrong Path

Yes, tons of information is available on the Internet, and you could chat all day long with individuals who claim to be “experts.” However, the information found online frequently contradicts itself from site to site. As a result, you could quickly be led down the wrong path.

Requires Special Tools and Knowledge

A lot of repairs (especially on a BMW) require specialized tools and knowledge. We have all those tools (and years of knowledge and experience at the ready). Buying those tools yourself for a one-time repair would cost a pretty penny!

Additionally, to accurately ascertain what is malfunctioning in your vehicle, a proper diagnostic tool is essential. Handheld diagnostic devices do not give the full information. Even replacing a battery can require a special diagnostic tool, as they often need to be registered to the automobile in order to function properly.

Location, Location, Location

Some auto repairs can take up a lot of space and can be messy. Additionally, exposing your vehicle to the elements for days is not good for the health of your automobile. Do you have an appropriate location to complete your repairs? What if the repairs take days? At our shop, we are equipped to handle those repairs and keep your vehicle protected.


Being without your vehicle is a huge inconvenience. When something goes wrong with your vehicle, we know you want it back as quickly as possible. We know what we need to fix it and how long it will take.

To Sum It Up…

Although it may be tempting to repair your own vehicle, be aware of your limits. Mistakes could lead to more (often costly) issues. You may end up replacing several things unnecessarily, when you only needed to replace one. The final result often costs more time and money than if you had just dropped it off with us. Make an appointment with us next time your BMW or MINI is in need of repair and maintenance, and we will get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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