Maintaining your MINI Cooper and taking it for occasional repairs can be stressful… and not always easy on the wallet. Relieve some of this burden by taking your MINI to a local, independent repair shop that specializes in MINI Coopers. Here are a few reasons why you should choose an independent MINI Cooper repair shop, like Bavarian Repair, to service your vehicle:

Technical Training

Since they only focus on specific car brands, specialty repair shops have just as much knowledge and experience as the dealership. In fact, many independent MINI Cooper repair facilities are owned and operated by previous dealership employees (like Bavarian Repair’s owner, Todd!).

Personal Relationships

Independent MINI Cooper repair shops serve the neighborhood in which they reside. It is easier to build a personal relationship with your MINI Cooper mechanic at an independent shop, since you tend to meet directly with the owner and/or mechanic (and not just a service advisor) who will be servicing your vehicle. As a result, they become familiar with you AND your vehicle. One-on-one relationships such as these foster trust, comfort, and confidence between you and the mechanic (which tends to save you unnecessary repairs and expenses).

At Bavarian Repair, we love being a part of the Woodstock community. As any of our long-time customers will tell you, we treat our customers (and their vehicles) like our family. We are proud to have built a reputation of trust and confidence in our community.

High Quality Repairs without the Price Tag

Dealer hourly rates are much higher than those of independent repair shops (mostly because of overhead expenses). Since smaller shops have less overhead, they can charge you a lot less. However, you can still expect the same level of expertise, technical resources, and state-of-the-art equipment.

Warranties and Guarantees

Many vehicle owners believe they have to take their vehicle to the dealership in order to get certain repairs done that are covered by the manufacturer warranty. This is not true! Your warranty will not be voided if you get maintenance done elsewhere. Smaller shops (like us) also offer warranties on repairs and maintenance they perform, because they are confident in their high quality work (and want you to have peace of mind).


Although the dealership may offer you a complementary car while your vehicle is undergoing repairs, is it worth the overall price tag? On average, you end up paying $60 more for every labor hour at the dealership. Three hours of work at an independent repair shop can save you enough money to get a rental car for three days. Although we doubt you would need it for that long, if you DO need to rent a car, we can always point you in the right direction!

Often located around the corner in your neighborhood, there is sure to be an independent MINI Cooper repair shop that fits your vehicle’s needs.

To Sum It Up…

Next time you are in need of scheduled maintenance or any kind of repair for your MINI Cooper, take a ride to your local, independent repair shop. You are sure to experience superior customer satisfaction, lower prices, and quality workmanship. If you find yourself near Woodstock, schedule an appointment with us at Bavarian Repair. We’d love to make you a part of our family!

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