It’s hot outside! With this heat, some parts of your BMW may be working overtime, which could cause them to wear out sooner than expected. Here are a few tips to help with the efficiency and longevity of these systems:

Air Conditioning

Since we are in a higher temperature location, your BMW’s AC is working hard to keep you cool. To optimize your AC’s functioning in this heat, adjust it with the following steps:

  1. Make sure the AC/Heat regulator dial (located in the center dash vent) is always on three blue dots.
  2. Keep the AC system in the recirculation mode (circular arrow button with the ‘A’). This ensures that the hot outside air is not allowed to infiltrate the cabin. Instead, the air inside the cabin is recirculated. The interior of your vehicle will cool much more quickly and ultimately become cooler.
  3. For all North American BMWs, the factory sets the AC programming to a “normal” setting. You can re-program the AC system to accept a new setting for “hot country.” This will bias the AC system centers, mixture flaps and air flow for maximum cooling.

Following these steps will help your AC run as efficiently as possible. This will allow your AC system to cycle off more frequently (reducing the amount of overtime work it is performing) and last longer without repair.


Overheating is the main culprit for alternator demise. One way to help ensure adequate cooling of your BMW’s alternator is by keeping the alternator air ducting clear. However, there is another reason for alternator overheating (that affects both water and air cooled alternators) that is not as commonly known.

If your vehicle does not crank over and you have to get a “jump,” you probably think your battery will recharge while you are driving. That could be accurate… but you could also be at risk for an expensive future breakdown involving your alternator. Although the alternator may provide enough surface charge to your battery the next time you start your engine, asking your alternator to run at peak performance for an extended period of time will guarantee that it overheats and eventually fails. The purpose of the alternator is to maintain your car’s electrical system, not act as a battery charger.


Cooling System

Engine cooling systems are sometimes more susceptible to failures when the outside temperature is extreme (during both hot and cold months). Sudden temperature changes can adversely affect seals, hose connections, and plastic parts. In addition, thermostats can be susceptible to sticking and causing intermittent overheating situations. If you notice a small leak under your vehicle or a low coolant level indicator, do not hesitate to have it checked out! Failure to investigate coolant loss can lead to costly repairs.

To Sum It Up…

The heat can be dangerous to your BMW’s efficiency and longevity. Never drive it in an overheated situation. Driving with the temperature gauge in the red for even two minutes can compromise your engine head gasket, and driving further will severely damage the engine.

We’re here to help keep your BMW running at peak performance! Schedule an appointment for inspection or maintenance, and we’ll make sure you and your BMW beat this Georgia heat.

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