You have invested so much of your hard-earned money into your vehicle. Don’t you want that investment to last? Here are the top reasons to adhere to a routine maintenance schedule:

  • It will extend the life of your vehicle.

Regular maintenance on your vehicle extends the longevity of your engine (and other components) and reduces the need for early replacement of parts.

  • It prevents more costly repairs down the road.

Keeping up with your regular maintenance schedule can prevent costly repairs of the cooling and transmission systems, drivetrain, and many other components. When you neglect maintenance, minor issues can quickly develop into major problems.

  • It can enhance the safety of your vehicle.

A regular maintenance routine severely decreases your risk of an unexpected breakdown on the side of the road. In addition, checking tire treads and air pressure is important to ensure your vehicle maintains a strong grip on the road.

What vehicle inspections are part of routine maintenance?

  • Fluids

Many systems in your vehicle use fluids for proper functioning. Over time, their levels deplete, and the protection they offer decreases. If you neglect a regular check of your vehicle’s fluids, there will be more wear and tear on the engine, leading to costly repairs.

  • Tires

The correct level of air pressure and proper rotation ensure equal wear of your tires. Tire rotation and an air pressure check do not take much time, but they go a long way in decreasing gas mileage and reducing wear and tear.

  • Oil Change

This is the most important aspect of regular vehicle maintenance, but there is conflicting advice out there on how often you should have your oil changed.

Suggested oil change intervals provided by manufacturers tend to be lengthy. This is due to the fact that, when your vehicle is new and under warranty, your maintenance package is on them. It saves them money to stretch out the oil change interval. Car manufacturers only need your car to go 100,000 miles. When it is out of warranty, repairs are no longer their concern.

At Bavarian Repair, we recommend an oil change every 5,000 miles (after warranty, if not before) for several reasons. First, regular oil changes drastically reduce the amount of sludge flowing through your engine. They are a much cheaper way to maintain the health of your vehicle than the cost of engine repairs down the road. Second, manufacturers’ maintenance schedules are simply inaccurate (especially for turbo-charged vehicles). Third, newer engines have such a high output that it is more critical than ever to perform regular maintenance. These engines are under more stress than they were 10-20 years ago.

Also, keep in mind that not all motor oils are created equally. We use Motul Oil, which is a Europen-made, high-quality, full synthetic motor oil. For your oil filter, we supply quality German filters (the same brand used by BMW).

3,000 miles? Have you heard some people recommend oil changes every 3,000 miles? This number reflects the use of older mineral oil and the heavy particles they contained. With the newer synthetic motor oils, 5k miles is perfect.

When it comes to your vehicle, always remember that vehicle maintenance might cost you a couple hundred dollars while replacements and emergency repairs could cost you thousands. We will be happy to help you establish a regular maintenance schedule for your vehicle!

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